Skies and seas


The big space allows to escape.
Painted on a canvas, it's the one that the imagination can set.
The desire goes away, and goes from itself away too.
But on the canvas, even almost empty, there is always a sign which indicates
the presence - or rather the track - of mankind : a frame in the frame,
a fragmentation of the space, a foresight, a reflection or another screen.

And horizontal and vertical lines which move in front of air and water layers immobilized in their eternity.



Two silhouettes on the beach, two disruptive things take them in a vice.

Huile sur toile 1978-11 (89 sur 130 cm)


Beach and five frames of vegetation.

Huile sur toile 1978-12 (89 sur 130 cm).
Collection privée


Nude at the sandy beach; the sea is white.

Huile sur toile 1978-16 (89 sur 130 cm).
Collection privée


Sky of thunderstorm.

Huile sur toile 1978-19 (162 sur 130 cm)


Roots, vegetation, blue sky.

Huile sur toile 1978-22 (162 sur 130 cm)


Sea in five, sky in three with a foresight.

Huile sur toile 1979-17 (97 sur 130 cm)


They begin to run away.

Huile sur toile 1979-34
(116 sur 81 cm)


White sun, sky with white tracks.
Huile sur toile 1980-01 (130 sur 162 cm)


Breaker wave, two pickets rusts in the ground.
Huile sur toile 1980-02 (130 sur 162 cm)


Grey sky, blue sky.

Huile sur toile 1980-16 ( 46 sur 38 cm)


The blue sky is in the rear.
Huile sur toile 1980-23 (162 sur 130 cm)


Split up sky.

H/t 1980-37
(46 sur 38 cm)


Double split up sky.

H/t 1980-40-38 (116 sur 162 cm)




Three sea paintings side by side; each measures 36 x 28 3/4 in.



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