Landscapes of stones


Summer, 1980.
From a stay on the east Adriatic coast, René Girot brings drawings of eroded rocks.

The first paintings of stones are almost monochrome : the starting point is
certain places of Var (French Riviera department)
where the subsoil appears and where the rarity of mould obliges plants
to protect themselves
from sun, aridity, cold and wind.

They are natural bonsaïs, twisted by the Mistral (a wind of Provence)
and dehydrated by the scorching heat.

H 80.32 ,H 82.01, H 82.25 and H 83.02 in H 83.12 evoke this nature
in its austere beauty.

Sol de cailloux.
Huile/toile 1980 (162x130cm)H.80.32
collection privée

Verdon, près de Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.
Huile sur toile.1982-01 (130x89 cm)
Verdon. Oil on canvas. 1982-01 (51x35 in.)

Sol orange.
Huile/toile 1983 (92x73cm) H8303
Orange-coloured ground. Oil on canvas. 1983 (36 1/4x28 3/4 in.)

Sol mauve.
Huile/toile 1983 (92x73cm) H8304
Mauve-coloured ground. Oil on canvas. 1983 (36 1/4x28 3/4 in.)

"Sol de cailloux"-H8302

"Grand sol de cailloux"-162x260cm-H8225
collection publique

"Grand sol de cailloux"-162x260cm-H8315

Within H 83.15 (162 x 260 cm), multiple red, green and blue very colored
brush strokes dance in the surface of the canvas but,
seen far away, the painting seems grey-blue.

trois dessins à l'acrylique sur papier
trois dessins de cailloux érodés par la mer à Kazela-Medulin, ex-Yougoslavie
The paintings of the years 1984-1986 are more colored and in 1987
the colour starts to bright.


He works repeatedly using the same motif : then appear
the " Interrogated Landscapes ".

Paysage interrogé n°08-130x162cm-1987-H8725
Interrogated landscape n°08-51x63 in.

Paysage interrogé n°09-130x162cm-1987-H8726
Interrogated landscape n°09-51x63 in.

Paysage interrogé n°07-130x162cm-1987-H8724
Interrogated landscape n°07-51x63 in.

Paysage interrogé n°12-130x162cm-1987-H8729
Interrogated landscape n°012-51x63 in.

On the surface of the canvas there's some thickenings while other zones are fluid.
Marks of big brushes and traces of coloured paint cut by small old paintbrushes can be seen. Spatters, runs of paint and, in certain places, canvas, remain visible.

It gives paintings where the mineral world life becomes perceptible.


Cailloux et ciel noir.
Huile sur toile 1985 (73x92cm) H8505
Stones and black sky.
Oil on canvas. 1985 (28 3/4x36 1/4 in.)

The last painting of "stones" is named " Mineral Garden " (H 88.14-114 x 195 cm)

"Jardin minéral"-114x195cm-H8814


The colour exuberance is going to visit the plant world.



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