From 1973 to nowadays, in the same way as the environment,
the body is interrogated by its relation with elements and by the way
it can occupy the space limited by the canvas stretcher.

"Soir de juin"-38x46cm-H7522

Sometimes put there, like a pebble covered with lichen,

"La main bleue"-33x46cm-H7418

sometimes being wrapped, being covered and being even replaced by a cloth,

"Double rencontre"-89x130cm-H7908

sometimes being split, in a close-up which obliges him to be isolated of the context,

"Plis de pied"-50x65cm-H7606


sometimes being astutely "animated" by a sequential division,

"Nu avec un tissu à fleurs"-130x89cm-H7823

sometimes being "perturbed" by the presence of a mask, sometimes hardly suggested,
present only to do its contribution to the sensualism of its environment,

"La tempête"-114x195cm-H89003

the body obeys the stream and the ebb of life.

The head being mostly "off camera", it has all the more freedom to mean its initial strength.
"Nu 06"-22x55cm-H89060


West of Toulon, the city of La Seyne-sur-mer displays a sea harbour
not yet invaded by yachts,
and a magnificent forest : the forest of Janas, along with beaches
with sand on small creeks between cliffs.

These drawings display the Fabrégas beach.
In the background "the Cliff of the Two Brothers" can be seen.
When I was a teenager, you had to go down amid masses of fallen schistose rocks
to reach it, and people could slide and cut their arms or legs.
But on the beach there was hardly anyone.
Now a stair in the cliff allows to go there without risk; after the bath
it is all the same necessary to go back up, and time passed by since then!


"Elle dort sous la falaise"-
drawing n°121-15 3/4x13 3/8 in.
"Elle s'offre au soleil"-
drawing n°117-15 3/4x13 3/8 in.
"Elle s'éveille au bord de mer"-drawing n°118-15 3/4x13 3/8 in.
The sofa. Oil on canvas. 1982. (44 7/8x63 in.)
dessin n° 269
"Etendue sur un canapé rayé"
dessin n° 271
"Nu au canapé, jambes pliées"
dessin n° 279
"Buste et jambes sur le canapé"
dessin n° 286
"Vue plongeante sur un canapé"
dessin n° 247
"Dans un hôtel à Gassin (près Saint-Tropez)"
dessin n° 250
"Etendue à Gassin"
dessin n° 249
"Coucher de soleil à Gassin"
dessin n° 248
"Le soir tombe à Gassin"
dessin n° 255
"Sur la plage de Pampelonne à Saint-Tropez"
dessin n° 257
"Sur la plage de Pampelonne à Saint-Tropez- n°2"

The mask has convex cheeks, large nose and superior teeth forward.
The garment is a worn pyjamas. The folds of the fabric, the folds of the skin
of the stomach and the tie of bosoms in the armpit, the folds of the forehead
and those of the middle - lengths hair,
hands hidden by wrinkled and pierced gloves.
The model is in hiding , squatted, dulled. The drawing locks her into a closed space.
Does she feel well there, protected; does she feel at ease there?
Does she want to escape it and will she succeed?
Later, she will reappear in an open space, but she is on a sort of elevator
which is not reassuring.

This adventure was recorded in several drawings and two canvases.


dessin n° 128
dessin n° 114
dessin n° 131
dessin n° 132
dessin n° 136
dessin n° 135
dessin n° 140

The purpose was to find a "passage" between the body and what its around him.
To show a perfect harmony between the body and its environment. To do not assign to it more importance than the pebble,
the blade of grass, the lichen, the bark, but join its together
in the same friendly glance.
To split it up was the way to remove some emotional intensity and to consider him
as simply as the other elements.

These paintings are the oldest that René Girot kept.
He destroyed almost all paintings previous to this date.


You see : H75-17 (65x50 cm), H75-08 (54x73 cm), H75-23 (54x73 cm),
H74-12 (50x65 cm), H75-01 (56x77 cm) et H74-19 (46x32 cm).




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