CVS Program


Certain paintings of the series CPPE presented a more or less representational zone
and another monochrome zone where some sand - or some sawdust - was mixed with paint.
It was systematized in the series CVS.


The origin is the square of 13 x 13 in. (vegetation) above of which
is placed a half-square of sky and below
of which is another half-square of ground.

The painting CVS is so a double square of 26 x 13 in.

C for "ciel" or "sky", V for "végétal" or "vegetation"
and S for "sol" or "soil"

The three parts are separated by a wooden painted stick : so the painting is a window on the wall.

This initial size was declined.
The CPPE having the possibility of revolving, it is the diagonal of the basic square that gave the side
of the superior size (93 x 46 cm) named " CVS1M ".
Then 132 x 66 cm (CVS2M), then 186 x 93 cm (CVS3M).

Also the smalls sizes : " CVS1D "  measures 46 x 23 cm,
" CVS2D "  measures 33 x 16,5 cm,
" CVS3D " 23,5 x 11,7 cm
and " CVS4D " 16,6  x  8,3 cm.


Here six CVS-3D .(9 1/4x4 5/8 in.)
Canvas on wood. 1998.

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