The Painting of the Day n°1


"La Pinède acidulée" huile sur toile 1982

130x162 cm.s.b.d. H.82.18


How to do so that a painting affects not only our sight, but also our smell,
our hearing, how to do so that it awakens all our senses?

South of France. French Riviera, city of Hyères-les-palmiers, Island of Porquerolles.
When I land in the port, instead of going towards the village on the West,
I turn to the left.
A small steep path, some houses and I run into a big path lined with eucalyptus.
The smells, the noises, the impressive vault of trees and, according to the season, on the ground, the fruits, the real natural jewels.
I leave the cart track which leads to the beach "Notre-Dame"
and in the "Cap des Mèdes"; I go towards " Courtade beach".

I am in front of my motif.


détail de la toile

How to report the heat of the summer and the coolness of the pine forest?
How to restore the brilliant shadow strewed with spots of sun?
And the reflection of the close sea, the strident noise of cicadas,
the smell lives some resin and eucalyptus neighbours?

And in this space where one wants to unbosom oneself, the risk of the always present fire?

I realize this painting of rather big dimensions : 51 in. high and 63 in. wide.


trois états de la toile en cours d'élaboration pendant l'été 1982


I try that the rhythm of trunks of pines gives the impression of a space at the same moment opened and intimate. That one feels protected without being locked.



By not realistic colours and sharp brush strokes, I evoke the smells and the sounds :
the navy breeze which circulates between branches, insects which scrape,
pine cones which dilate...

Did you see crossing Pan, who runs behind the nymph in the fresh thigh?


" La pinède acidulée" - Huile sur toile - 130x162 cm. - 1982 (H8218)

" The acidulous Pine forest " - Oil on canvas - 51x63 in. - 1982 (H8218)

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