The Painting of the Day n°2


Marrakech rouge

Huile sur toile, 130x162 cm, 1991(H.91.34)


In Marrakesh (Morocco), one can buy pomegranates in October.
Having removed the rind with nails, one discovers seeds tightened in their alveoli separated by bitter partitions. In the mouth, seeds free a sweetened juice
which quenches and revive.

If the pomegranate is not eaten, it becomes even more beautiful, it bursts
and lets see its inside: supreme temptation.

From a stay in Marrakesh, Morocco, I brought this painting in which, like the grains of the pomegranate tree tightened in the box, the lines cross, intersect, interpenetrate. Some are relief, the others are engraved in the paint; the other, hardly put, remain fluid.

How to evoke, on a painting even relatively big ( 51 in. x 63 in. )
the multiplicity of the sounds,
the smells, the colours, the movements, the sensations got by this city?

The souk of the dry cleaners where hanks illuminate the sky, the district of the tanners where the colour becomes foaming better to spread,
and brasses and copperwares, and silvered objects which send back
brightness of sun, and the multicoloured kilims, the carpets to glitter which fidget, the yellow, red and brown cones of spices, the oranges
offered in pyramids around the place.

And the ceaseless movement of carriages with asses, carts, " small taxis "
and " big taxis ", cyclists and pedestrians who touch without ever colliding!

All this encircled by bulwarks red ochre of Medina.


Please , exhibit this picture at home with diffused lighting, then light a part
with a spotlight to reduced diameter : according to your desire, you can change place the beam of the spotlight and so to walk you on the area of the painting.

And suddenly you will listen, will see, will smell and will feel the Red City.



Marrakech rouge - Huile sur toile - 130x162 cm. - 1991 (H.91-34)
Red Marrakesh - Oil on canvas - 51x63 in. - 1991 (H.91-34)

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