The Painting of the Day n°3


"Le grand jardin", huile sur toile, 195x114cm, H.95.03
"The big garden",oil on canvas, 76 3/4x 44 7/8 in.-
H 95.03


" Big garden ". Really, it's the painting which is big : 77 in. high.

Trunks and branches of trees stir in front of a sky more magic than realist.
I painted this painting very quickly, in opposition to other, more laborious,
which elaborate with difficulty,
which sometimes stay even in expectation several months and other times
are not always ended
after several years and eventually been destroyed,
that is to be covered up by the others.

If this painting gives you desire for walks, I photographed it for you in eight details.

Good walk, in colours, tracks of brushes, and various signs...

Please, relax, the painting takes place in front of you :

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