The Painting of the Day n°6


"Les amoureux". 55x62 cm. 1999

The Painting of the Day N° 06 is small dimensions, contrary to the previous ones, which exceeded sixty inches.
It is however on two stretchers.
This does not correspond to a necessity due to the size but
to a will of space fragmentation.

This space has thus a bigger presence.

I made it on several canvases (please, click on " Program CVS "
and more particularly "Connected Paintings ")

I reproduce below five realized paintings, as " The lovers ", in 1999.
The part representing trees is painted in
the oil on canvas; the other parts are wooden colored.


H99-11. Huile sur toile. 35,5x35 cm
H99-08. Huile sur toile. 35,5x46 cm
H99-13-14. Huile sur toile. 56x58 cm
H99-04. Huile sur toile. 21x61,5 cm
H99-10. Huile sur toile. 49x68 cm

Voici la TDJ 06 devant mon atelier en juillet 2001 :


"Les amoureux", huile sur toile sur deux châssis, 55x62cm, H.99.12
" The lovers ", 21 1/2x24 1/2 in.,H 99.12, oil on canvas on two stretchers

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