The Painting of the Day n° 09

"Rocher, ciel et mer"
Huile sur toile 162x130cm
1982 (H82.26)

This painting was made in 1982. I first applied a pink tint uniform layer on the canvas. Several “skies” or “seas” paintings were made on a pink background, so that blues and grey-blues are “warmer”, as the pink appears in some places. Then I rapidly brushed lines indicating the folds of the rock, puckered seawater lines, and colourful zones indicating sand and sky. The colour is fluid, like a watercolour, covers very little, and the virgin canvas, coloured in pink, show through in many places. That’s why I was a bit ashamed that this painting could have been done so fast, and I didn’t dare to accept that there wasn’t anything to add or modify, that it was finished! It stayed several years in the studio, was never displayed, and it was only after a long time that I understood that its charm came precisely from its rapid making and that it was not so “empty” as I thought at the time I made it!

détail du haut à droite : l'horizon
détail : l'horizon rencontre le rocher
détail : le rocher épouse la mer
détail : l'eau de mer déferle sur le sable

Maybe that’s the way the rocky and water surfaces are painted
that lead me to reproduce beside akin drawings
where the skin is treated in a similar way:

détail du dessin D121


Plis de visage, autoportrait (D175)

Creux poplité de genou (D192)

Plis de corps féminin (D219)

Plis de mains (D222)

Plis de pied (D191)

Plis de sein (D241)

Plis de sein (D154)


Voici la TDJ 09 :

"Rocher, ciel et mer" "Rock, sky and sea"
Huile sur toile - 162x130cm - 1982 (H82.26)

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