The Painting of the Day n°10


"Petit nu bleu"
huile / bois 22x17cm

I had my paintings disposed first on the third floor of my house,
then in a room of the first floor, and finally in my studio.
My studio is now too exiguous, so I reorganise everything this winter (2002-2003).
I fist move big canvases stretched on chassis, very big rolled canvases,
the smaller ones; then, in a chest, I find a pack noted “paintings 1958-63-72".
I open it and rediscover this painting, which already in 1965 showed two things
which never ceased to preoccupy me and that I expressed in different ways:
that the nude is a landscape and that the canvas can pivot.
Not always, of course, but let’s say it’s not necessarily stuck in its initial position.

It’s a painting of small dimensions, it’s painted on wood, and sawdust
was mixed to the colour. The signature itself was made in two dimensions !!!

Here is, thirty one years later, CPPE 48 (H96.29), taking in again the very same idea
with a vegetation theme.

and CPPE 33 (H96.14), feminine nude :

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